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How It Works

Vancouver is truly an amazing city. The steps to joining the ranks of  happy home owners here are:

  • Find yourself a desired property – either one of our listings or any other listing in the Lower Mainland.
  • Call 1 (778) 229 – 8308 or contact us through E-mail. 
  • We will assess the property.
  • We will raise the investment funds required. You provide a non-refundable 5 percent down payment if it is one of our own listings, 10 percent otherwise, as well as closing fees.
  • We will sign a 3 – 5 year lease agreement with you.
  • We will then secure a bank loan and Apex Western Homes LTD. will take ownership.
  • Your monthly payment will be proportionally distributed to both principal and interest. 
  • The home-ownership of the property will be transferred to you at the end of the lease. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

When the lease term ends, title will be transferred to you. We will hold the home-ownership for the first 3-5 years. The reason for this is we want to secure the most competitive mortgage rate for you. Therefore, we will need to purchase the property on your behalf. This way, we will be first-positioned and able to obtain an excellent mortgage rate due to our high credit ranking with major financial institutions. As a result, we will be able to offer you a highly competitive mortgage rate.
Yes, that would be part of the agreement. You will have every right and obligation as if the house is fully entitled to you.
The initial down payment varies depending on the situation. The higher the down payment, the lower the mortgage rate is going to be.   
The mortgage rate is always negotiable, and it varies depending on the situation. We offer much more competitive mortgage rates than other lenders in the secondary mortgage industry.  The maximum mortgage rate is CIBC 5 years fixed posted rate + 2 percent.
The most important question is what makes you think you would not be able to secure a bank loan in 3/5 years.

  •  Insecurity of not obtaining PR status in time

     Solution:  Extend the lease agreement for a longer period.

  •   Damaged credit history

     Solution:  We will assist you with credit counselling to help you improve your credit.

Our ideal goal is to transition you to home-ownership. However, if you could not continue to support the monthly payments, there is an option to consider;

  •   Find an interested individual who is willing to take over your lease.

  Otherwise, the property must be put up for sale on the open market. 

No. Our Rent to Own Program is applicable to any property in the Lower Mainland. Please note that only 5 percent down-payment is required if the property is one of our own listings, 10 percent down-payment is needed otherwise.
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