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Why is Rent to Own for me?

Vancouver is a magnificent world-class city, known for its incredible natural beauty, multiculturalism and superb quality of life. Over 2 million people call it home and we know you want to be one of them. However, the city is also notorious for it’s high cost of living, especially the heated housing market.

The British Columbia provincial government decided to address the housing crunch by introducing the Foreign-Buyer Property Transfer Tax in February, 2018; The tax amount is 20% of the fair market value of the property if you’re a foreign national. Click Here for more information.

With our program, Rent to Own allows you to:
  • Purchase your desired property without paying the additional 20 percent Property Transfer Tax.
  • Secure your Canadian Citizenship within 3 – 5 years. 
  • Defer the Property Transfer Tax until you decide to exercise your buying option.
  • Exercise complete home-ownership during your rental term.
  • Lock in your housing price and enjoy the capital appreciation.
  • Secure a bank mortgage with ease.
  • Get a much lower interest rate than most of the secondary lenders offer.

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