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Why is Rent to Own for me? 

Vancouver is one of the most desirable cities in the world to call home. However, it is also known for it’s over- heated housing market. As a result, a lot of Canadians, especially Millennials, choose to rent a space, live with their parents or even move out of the city for better affordability.

For most Canadians, securing the 20 percent down-payment, meeting the requirements for a mortgage and getting approved is already challenging enough, but securing a mortgage in 2019 is even more of a feat thanks to the recently introduced mortgage stress test. Click Here for more information.

With our approved program, Rent to Own allows you to
  • Secure a Housing Mortgage with Ease.
  • Purchase your dream house with only 5 – 10 percent down-payment.
  • Exercise complete home-ownership during your rental term.
  • Lock in your housing price and enjoy the capital appreciation.
  • Get lower interest rates than most secondary lenders offer.

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