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What is Rent To Own?

 Our Vancouver Rent to Own program is proudly introduced by Apex Western Homes, a BBB general contractor with more than 20 years experience. A Rent-to-Own agreement is a deal in which you commit to renting a property of your choice for a specific period, with the option of buying it before or when the lease runs out. Our Rent-to-Own agreements include a standard lease agreement with an Option to Buy when the lease term ends.

Why Rent To Own

  • You will only pay 5 – 10 percent down-payment.

  • You will lock in your purchase price and enjoy the capital appreciation.

  • You will secure a bank mortgage with ease.

  • You will get a much lower interest rate than most  secondary lenders offer.

  • You will exercise complete home-ownership during your rental term.

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Is Rent to Own For Me?

 Rent to Own is the perfect housing-purchase program if 

  • Click Here if you are a new immigrant and trying to purchase a property without Canadian Citizenship.

  • Click Here if you are a Canadian Citizen but having a hard time to secure a bank mortgage due to the lack of established credits